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Yeah I hesitated reblogging that post because of that. Ewing did say Loki was bi.

I’m kinda hoping that OP just didn’t know Loki’s sexuality had been specified as bi? Cause in-universe it’s never been outright stated, and it would’ve been easy for them to have missed Ewing’s post.

Although I am 90% sure that Ewing said Loki was bi? It just kind of rankles me when people try to “correct” others about the sexuality of bi characters by saying “no they’re actually pan.”

All these people on this show who want kids, like? If you can’t handle a cat and the stress of raising a cat how are you going to manage a kid?

boycott cishet men 2k14 they should not be allowed to do anything

They should not be allowed outside unsupervised, istg.

I’d choose cats over men any day

Same. I wouldn’t even have to think about it.

99% of the boyfriends on the My Cat from Hell show are so awful.

Trying to make their girlfriend’s choose between their cats and them and basically getting into territorial pissing contests with the cats.



Don’t be upsetti, have some spaghetti!


How to Love a Pirate Queen — Isabela/unspecified

one. Learn to love the sea. It is an extension of her, the other half of her soul. There is no Isabela without salt spray, screaming gulls, and whipping wind. Even shipwrecked on dry land, she is its Queen.

two. Get used to knives that appear from no where. She is creative. It’s wise to ask before you put your hands places; losing fingers is a very real possibility. 

three. Realize now that she is not yours and she will never be. Isabela is her own, and no one will ever take that from her. Better souls than you have tried. Few of them have walked away with all their limbs intact.

four. Just as she is no one’s to claim, she is no one’s to change. She is who she is, and who she is is not a block of clay for you to mold. Who she is is the waves, the water, the seas; ever-flowing, ever-changing but on her terms. She flows at the behest of no soul but her own.

five. When she tells you, gold eyes gleaming and dark skin smelling of sea salt and freedom, “Come away with me,” grin, tug her closer, and ask, “Which way to the horizon, Captain?”