Fish Lamps by Frank Gehry

Iconic Canadian-American architect and artist Frank Gehry created a gorgeous sculptural series of fish lamps using jagged scales of ColorCore formica mounted on wireframes.

“After accidentally shattering a piece of ColorCore while working on a commission for Formica, he decided to use the broken shards as fish scales by glueing them onto wire armatures.”


Selected by Andrew

sassrelay replied to your post: sassrelay asked:Layla + Food! …

yeaaahh! okay but imagine Joker trying to make gimbap as a surprise for Layla and failing terribly at rolling it all up in the seaweed lmao

Lmao I bet he started swearing at the gim and calling it names.

Layla is really flattered, though, and next time she helps him make it by showing him how to roll it up.

thegaywardens: layla + hobbies

Layla likes model ships, and it’s something Joker got her hooked on. He bought her first one as a welcome back gift when they moved onto the SR2. She got hooked almost right away, and building/painting them helped her cope with the trauma of her death.

She also reads a lot of old Earth sci-fi classics. One of her favorite books is Dune.

tabbibear: Layla + laughing ^-^

Layla’s got a warm, short manner of laughter. It tends to go as quickly as it comes, but it’s a lot like catching a ray of sun on one’s skin.

Sometimes Joker can really get her going, though (he’s got a special knack for making her laugh). Occasionally, during a good fit, she’ll snort in the middle of it. Joker thinks it’s damn near the cutest thing.

thegaywardens: anila + sleeping (i'm so unoriginal omg)

Anila hogs the whole bed and sleeps like the dead.

She always ends up sprawled across the mattress, limbs akimbo. Carver and Bethany never liked sharing a bed with her because of it, and so she always got her own. They’d occasionally, teasingly, accuse her of doing so on purpose just for that reason.

maroonrice: Layla + shopping!

Her favorite things to shop for are guns and gun parts. Specifically modifications for her sniper rifle. She doesn’t so much take Garrus along as he insists, and they often end up deep in very specific and technical conversations about their rifles and which upgrades are better.

However, Layla also on occasion has been known to spend the same level of dedication when shopping for makeup and clothing. She’s very meticulous about the quality of the former.

sassrelay: Layla + Food!

Layla eats like she has a black hole in her stomach, which the Normandy was startled by until Kaidan just knowingly laughed. The two of them eat half the Normandy’s food supplies.

When she’s able to cook for herself and not having to rely on military supplies, she falls back to cooking a lot of the foods she grew up with. There’s almost always kimchi on her plate if she can help it, and her favorite snack is gimbap.

beahbeah: loki + sleeping!!

He stays up way too late and wakes up too early. He gets restless (and depending on which incarnation, plagued by nightmares) and tends to spend the hours of the night poring over spell books and various forms literature.

When he actually gets to sleep, he’s curled up like a cat, buried under a pile of blankets. He doesn’t tend to toss and turn, but he stills makes a mess of his bed.

sassrelay: Anila + makeup!

Anila wears earth tones.

She switches between rich, dark browns and verdant greens on her eyes. Her lipstick is a warm brown a shade or two darker than her skin, enough to make them standout without being overwhelming.

She prefers it all to have a subtle, natural look. A bit of flare sometimes, here and there, but not too much. Her outfits are where she pulls out all the stops.


send me a character + thing if you wanna know my headcanon for them and that thing

ex: molly hayes + sleeping

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