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Annie Clark - Brooklyn Magazine - June 2014

Annie Clark - Brooklyn Magazine - June 2014

(bitch) i might be. (i may or may not have Brandon download it if it means being able to play with friends until we get a ps4)

Do it, we can be nerds together!

The problem with recreating Layla in Destiny (in so much as I was able to with the CC) is that I’m probably going to get really attached to the idea.

Track Title: Sister

Artist: Mumford & Sons


Sister, by Mumford & Sons

suggest a song

or people putting their shitty opinions about people’s inclusive headcanons and trying to make them feel like shit about them. Like. I’m reaaalllly close to unfollowing people for that shit

Oh my god, yeah. I’d forgotten about that BS the other day, jfc. People tag the most ridiculous bullshit, and don’t you love it when they start crying after people call their asses out for it?