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social justice warrior is a decent class but I prefer anti-heteronormative mage

#About Finny 

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What I really love, though, is that these people are trying to twist the actual author’s words around.

As though “shifts between genders” isn’t the actual fucking definition of being genderfluid.

#they're trying to argue the author was talking about shapeshifting  #the mental gymnastics involved are honestly breathtaking  #it just leaves you winded  #shut up Finny 

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I went and looked into the notes on a post when I probably should have known better, and now I’m fuming mad.

#stop cis fans 2k14  #seriously I wish they'd just admit they don't want loki to be trans  #instead of appropriating SJ rhetoric to make their transphobic bullshit sound legit  #look you shitstains you do not get to decide what our representation looks like or what standards it needs to meet before you ~acce[pt~ it  #and don't bring in other trans characters into your argument to try and make your disgusting bullshit seem supportive  #listen to actual trans people when we tell you what's going down  #ugh these people are literal human garbage I want them out of my fandom  #shut up Finny 

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Pills N Potions
Nicki Minaj
The Pink Print
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pills n potions || nicki minaj (+)

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Ty for the congrats, everyone!

#there were a lot of or I'd reply individually  #but yes thanks I'm very happy about this  #shut up Finny 

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So today I got a job!

I’m in charge of billing and cleaning for the most part, but eventually I’ll also be a tutor! I get paid separately for both those things, even though they’re at the same place. Ten bucks an hour for the former, and starting at thirteen for the latter.

So not only will I have a job now, I’ll be getting paid decently! c:

#god it's nice to get a job somewhere that I know will treat me well  #and where I feel like I'll be useful as well as doing something I feel matters  #shut up Finny 

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today i saw a girl with the most gorgeous locs

i’d like to think vivienne’s hair would be just as stunning

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"Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are."

—Augustine of Hippo (via girlsack)
#Lovely Words 

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So I’m reading this book, plugging along, and get to a scene showing a bit of what the Big Bad has been doing. Specifically to conquered star systems.

And then it occurs to me. This is the Synthesis ending from ME3.

#synthesis if it was honest about itself that is  #god that ending will never not be horrific to me  #this book is really good though like a+ would recommend  #shut up Finny